Yudistira Putra

About Yudistira Putra

Yudis is the Cogiving Officer at Dojo; his work involves working together with local NGOs and linking skilled Dojo members to help them in their various projects. He is a Bali native – originally from North Bali – but he has lived at a few different places since he was a child: 2 years in Java and a total of 7 years in Australia. He studied Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide and graduated in April 2017.

During his time in Adelaide, he was also the Chapter President of the Australia Indonesia Youth Association in South Australia, taking advantage of his familiarity of Australia and Indonesia to develop people-to-people connections between both countries. Despite coming from an island that is hard to leave, Yudis loves to travel to different places and experience different ways of life. He has been to various countries in Europe and Asia, but his next travel goal is to explore more of Indonesia’s islands.

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The First Dojo Impactathon – A review

What a success! On the weekend of 24th-25th of March 2018, Dojo Bali hosted the first ever Impactathon. During the course of 72hours the web application for Merah Putih Hijau, one of our cogiving initiatives, was built. A story about success, fears, sweat, time management and the power of community. 


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