A typical day for a digital nomad in Canggu

If you are governed by the human need for certainty, then life in Canggu or on the road may not be for you because it’s all about variety.

Having said that, if a routine is what you’re after, you can certainly fall into a nice one here. Typical days don’t exist in an atypical place. But based on the assumption that your lifestyle wouldn’t deviate too far from the lifestyle’s of the thousands of co-workers that have descended upon and passed through Canggu and Dojo in the past two years, it’s safe to say that a typical day incorporates a healthy dose of work, rest, and play.

The sun sets at approximately 6.30pm in paradise, and while you can find a party every night of the week—unless you’re one of the lucky one’s—getting wasted on Bintang in Old Man’s and Sandbar doesn’t exactly set you up for a productive day’s work at Dojo.

With an ocean on your doorstep and Vitamin D on tap, most take advantage of the outdoors and beautiful surroundings. However that might look for you—surf at sunrise, yoga at sunset, or a midday stroll on the beach soaking up the rays—all you have to do is choose your poison. And your options are endless. A typical day might start with a sunrise surf session, beach fit, morning yoga flow at Samadi, or a leisurely stroll on the beach followed by a delicious breakfast and coffee to die for at any number of the local cafes.

“A typical day might start with a sunrise surf session, beach fit, morning yoga flow at Samadi.”

The good life is all about balance and moderation, and because most of us have to do a bit of work every now and again, once the morning activities are out of the way, that’s precisely what most do. So it’s off to work we go feeling rejuvenated and energized to take on the day. And yes, sometimes that means going straight to the bean bags for a nap upon arrival at the Dojo. This is not an article on productivity. What you do or how you spend your working hours is something I don’t give a shit about—nor is it any of my business. But I hope whatever you’re doing makes you happy. And you’re making the world a better place! For that reason, I can only assume you don’t give a shit about my typical work day, so I’ll spare you the details because it usually leaves me asking questions I don’t want to answer. I am making the world a better place!!

On any given day, most eat lunch around lunchtime—and I promise—if you have the vegetarian burger with wedges or the nourish bowl from the Dojo cafe you won’t be disappointed. Or anything else for that matter.

There’s a talk most days in Dojo at 5 pm by one of the members where they share a whole lot of wisdom on any given topic to help further progress your career or business. This is also a great opportunity for some networking and getting to know your co-workers.

Many laptops are then shut for the day—many stay open burning the midnight oil. The choice is yours. What follows next if you choose to step outside is something special: The Sunset. Shoot the shit with friends on the beach over a coconut or beer, spend it in the ocean with mother nature and other surfers, or on your yoga mat for a sunset yin class to decompress from the workday and get your zen on.

Once the sun sets over Canggu, you won’t have to look much further than Old Man’s if it’s a party you’re after. But rest assured that whatever your tastes are—from AM to PM—Canggu caters to all.


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