Cogiving Updates – November 2017

It’s the end of the month and it’s time for a Cogiving update! It has been an eventful month for Cogiving as we had a number of fantastic activities and events with our Cogiving partners. Here’s a recap of all that’s happened this month and what’s coming up.


There was the talk from Merah Putih Hijau the other week where the founder Nino spoke passionately about this community-owned resource management effort in Pererenan which has the potential to be implemented in many more villages all over Bali. A demo of the app prototype that had been worked on in collaboration with Dojo was also showed. It was great to see so much interest from members to be involved in this app project!

The next step after the talk was to have a brainstorming session with everyone who could commit to be involved. We had a top-quality discussion on the next steps of the app during this session and the inputs everyone gave towards the discussion was invaluable towards the scoping and progress of this project. I, myself was feeling grateful to be in a room full a mix of high-quality skills and talent, and even our founder Michael stated in a previous post: “The amount of new knowledge, new tools, and different ways of thinking you pick-up just by being involved in Cogiving is really next level self-education. Never in business have I been able to sit in a room with such an eclectic mix of high calibre individuals freely sharing ideas and experience from so many different perspectives.”

From this session, it was decided that a workshop would need to be held to help with the user mapping phase. This session will be held next Monday and it won’t only teach you the technique of user story mapping, but you will also help MPH progress with their product strategy.

Also, the next steps in building the software that’s going to be used to scale MPH’s waste management communities will be discussed during next Tuesday’s Dojo developers’ meetup.

Learn more about MPH here.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Just this week we had a talk by Melati and Jasmine from Bye Bye Plastic Bags where they told us about their inspirational story and how you could help. They currently need help with info-graphics and building an e-commerce shop to sell their reusable bags and merchandise to raise funds. Currently, we have a member helping with redesigning their website and it is more than half way there! There was also their call-out video to the Bali government to push them even further to ban plastic bags through legal action, which was shot by one of our members.

Learn more about Bye Bye Plastic Bags here.

Stella’s Child

I would like to give a shout out to the members who gave their skills and time from their busy schedule to volunteer for Stella’s Child as mentors: Ionut, Sarka and Will. The skills they taught for the children in Stella’s Child range from business management, communications and marketing, all in the effort to equip these underprivileged kids with the skills they need to obtain gainful employment when entering the world of work. Well done!

Learn more about Stella’s Child here.

Five Pillar Foundation

Lastly, we are going on a weekend trip to West Bali on 9-10 December. We will be hosted by the local youth from Five Pillar Foundation and they will be guiding us through the less beaten paths of Bali to stunning rice terraces, lush jungle, local farms, and soothing streams. All profit from this event will go towards FPF’s youth development programs. This event is limited to 14 places and we have 4 people signed up already. For more info please visit our Facebook page or see the registration board at the Dojo front desk.

Learn more about Five Pillar Foundation here.

Whats up next

It was truly an exciting month in Cogiving and I am even more pumped to keep working for members and our Cogiving partners to ensure that we are making a real and positive impact towards the wider community in Bali. Of course, I would like to thank the members who are currently giving their valuable time and skills to these great causes, you all know who you are J If you are interested in being involved with Cogiving, please fil in this form and I’ll do my best to match you with one of our partners.


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