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We cannot emphasize just how much ‘community’ encompasses the ethos for all Dojo stands for. A large part of that — and probably the most important — is lending support to community projects such as MPH, who’s mission is to make a lasting positive impact on the environment, and help eradicate much of Bali’s pollution problem.

According to a National Geographic study, over eight million metric tons of plastic make their way into our oceans every year, and Indonesia is the second largest offender on this list.

MPH (Merah, Putih, Hijau) is Bali’s first green village project which works with the local community of Pereranan to help build infrastructure and a color coded waste separation strategy. Together with the village of Pererenan behind them, MPH is building a recycling and composting facility, and a framework that can be replicated across other villages throughout Bali with the objective being to eliminate the Islands pollution problem.

Due to explosive tourism, lack of knowledge and infrastructure—Bali’s significant pollution problem is difficult to ignore and extremely damaging to the environment.  With limited knowledge of recycling and the infrastructure to support it, the problem will prevail with both litter and plastic continuing to make its way to their once pristine oceans.


“No longer a pipe dream.”

With MPH rolling out these initiatives, getting behind local villages, and providing them with the infrastructure for proper waste management – the potential to see the entire islands’ waste management do a full 180 is no longer a pipe dream. In the not too distant future, both the environment and natural charm of Bali can be restored to its former glory as the project snowballs throughout other villages before reaching the rest of Indonesia, and thus, have a significant impact on some of the environmental challenges our world faces today.

The beauty of this project is the community involvement at the core. Villagers are 100% behind it and involved every step of the way.

The project was launched by a group of passionate people to help kick start and support Bali villages to build, maintain & benefit from their own waste management systems. And to do this, the villagers must be 100% involved, which is precisely what we are seeing in the village of Pererenan. The villagers want to change, and MPH is there to facilitate.

“MPH gives the value of waste back to the people and the community.”

The project works closely with households, providing them with the right tools to separate waste and to monitor progress and success. The villagers, traditionally, have never understood the value of waste and will now be able to put it to better use such as making diesel out of the plastic instead of it finding its way to the ocean, with organic waste being made into compost to better fertilize the land.

MPH is owned by the village, maintained by the village, managed by the village, and the value stays in the village. It is a true community project. There will be a material management facility within the village. When the households separate their waste at home, and the material gets collected – value can be created for everything at the material management facility.

To date, there have been many supporters from Dojo who have lent their skills and talents to help take this project to where it needs to be. None of this could have been achieved without the cooperation of Pererenan village, and the tireless work of Sean Nino who’s passion for this project must be applauded.

If you would like to get involved, learn more, or simply donate, you can do so by visiting their website. Nothing is too small, and your contribution has to potential to go along way in creating a cleaner Bali, and cleaner global environment which can only positively impact climate change.

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