Member in the Spotlight: Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is a Blockchain entrepreneur. He is coming to Dojo Bali often, to reconnect with people in the industry and exchange some great ideas. Get to know his story here.

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J: So, I’m Jonathan Brown. I’m from Northern Ireland and, uh, I’m a, a blockchain entrepreneur.

(on screen) *Why did you come to Dojo Bali?*

J: Well, I, this is my, my third time to, to Bali actually. So, I like to, to come here every so often. Um, the first time I went to, to Ubud, um, and then last, last July I, I came to, to Canggu and I, I came to Dojo. So, I think I, I just like to drop by here every so often to get involved in, in the scene and reconnect with people and participate in the, in the blockchain community here.

 (on screen) *What did you find at Dojo Bali?*

J: I mean, for me, I think the, the best thing is just the, the strength of community. So many people here, so many events. A lot of people involved in, in crypto-currency and, and blockchain. Um, so it’s, it’s, it’s good to come here. For me, it works better to come for a short time and then I, I can go, go back to Vietnam where I live. But I know a lot of people they really appreciate actually living here long term.

 (on screen) *What is the very best thing about Dojo Bali?*

J: Um, it’s, it’s gotta be the, the strength of the community. There’s, you know, it’s a very large co-working space and also there’s, there’s so many people here who are really talented. So, you know, you might think you’re the, the best at what you do and then you come here and you realise that, uh, there’s a lot of really talented people in a lot of diverse fields so that’s, that’s really great.

 (on screen) *What would you say to anyone thinking about coming to Dojo Bali?*

J: I would say definitely come, um, just give it a shot. Um, you gotta think about the time of year you come, you come maybe. So, in the, I think in July and August it’s especially fresh here. But, if you don’t mind the heat then you can, you can come any time of year. I’d just like to, to say thanks to, uh, to Michael and Martin and the whole team for being very welcoming here and, uh, I’m, I’m sure I’ll be back again soon. I’m not interesting. (laughter)


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