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Anna Franchi is a digital nomad and life enthusiast. Before helping people becoming digital nomads, she has worked in the major art PR agencies in New York and London. She left a promising career to follow a startup in Chile and became a digital marketing specialist for startups and small businesses. Friends as well as her blog readers started contacting her asking for a help in making the big step to quit their job and become digital nomads. This gave her the motivation to take life coaching courses and set up Taste your dream, as she wanted to help more people changing their life. “I want people to see that they can have a more meaningful life. It’s just a matter of knowing what they want and plan.” To make an even bigger impact, Anna is also holding webinars and creating retreats in Bali.

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The Hippies of the XXI century: 5 stereotypes every digital nomad has to cope with

A laptop on the beach, pictures of exotic food and an infinite number of Facebook check-ins at airports around the world are probably among the top reasons why there are so many stereotypes surrounding the life of a digital nomad. Some see us as a bunch of hippies who lost their mind. The truth is, we are just an unusual group of people living outside the traditional roles, norms and jobs.
But what about all those things they say about us, are they true? We’ll find out together! Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the most common questions I’ve been asked since I left my “good” office job 2 years ago, reflecting the stereotypes around our lifestyle.

What I wish I had known when I quit my job – Practical advice for becoming a digital nomad

My journey as a digital nomad started very abruptly: I was almost burned out in a job and city I hated, overworked with a salary that barely allowed me to pay my rent and all of this having a Master’s degree and speaking 5 languages. It took me almost 2 years, a lot of sleepless nights and anxieties, and various trials of new ventures to figure out my path. But now I’m really fulfilled and feel entitled to give you some advice: Here are Anna´s 7 lessons from her journey to becoming a digital nomad. 


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