5 easy spring detox hacks

It’s that time of year when winter finally recedes its icy chill and the first buds of the year blossom. If you’re one of the incredibly lucky ones sitting in front of a pool on a macbook and working in 30degress heat as we speak, just take a breath, soak in all your blessings and hopefully spread some kindness and cheer.  Nevertheless, since Spring is traditionally associated with new beginnings, decluttering and cleaning, it helps to learn some quick and easy tips from the pros to turbocharge your health.

1. Lemon water

What: By far the easiest and most widespread detox method that many yogis and health conscious do on a daily basis. Fresh lemon juice in warm water helps to kickstart digestion, fortify the liver and flush toxins from the body. I even travel with lemons or lemon essential oil to make sure i can do this simple, refreshing detox every morning!

How?  Just squeeze one fresh lemon into a glass of warm water and drink upon rising. For extra measure, I like to take a probiotic with my morning lemon water to turbocharge my digestion before meals for the day.

2. Tongue Scraping

What: Taken from the thousands years old tradition of Ayurveda, this is a simple way to detox every morning. Ayurveda believes that digestion begins in the mouth and then a thick coating on the surface of the tongue indicated the presence of AMA or toxins.

How: By using a simple tongue scraper you can usually get in the dental section of supermarkets and pharmacies or most health shops, gently scrape the surface of your tongue  gently when you roll out of the bed and take the first look at your beautiful self in the mirror. Then just wash off with hot water and air dry.

3. Dry brushing

What: This detox hack doubles as a relaxing self-care method as you spend a moment massaging your body. Benefits include increased circulation, brighter skin due to removal of dead skin cells and extra energy as the lymph detox systems in our body are stimulated.

How: Before showering, use a loofah or bath mitt and start brushing in circular movements from the soles of your feet up towards the heart. From the tummy to heart area, brush in a straight upwards motion away from the heart. Resume from palms of your hands towards your neck. Then take shower as usual.

4. Oil pulling

What: In accordance to the beliefs behind tongue scraping, oil pulling is done to remove the toxins that start in the mouth.  It also helps to freshen the mouth, prevent against tooth decay and is said to assist in keeping the pearly whites whiter!

How: Using virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, take about 1-2 tablespoons of oil into your mouth. Using a pulling and swirling motion (do NOT gargle), “pull” the oil through the teeth. Continue for up to 20 minutes then spit out into a drain or toilet. Do NOT spit into the sinks unless you want a date with the plumber.

5. Meditation and/or yoga

Both ancient practices are key for activating self-awareness which is the key to changing behaviors. It is also believed that practicing them in the morning with the rising sun helps to set up the day for increased balance, flow and energy. A simple meditation sequence is to just sit quietly with legs folded and begin to watch the breath. Notice it entering the nostrils and flowing throughout the diaphagram to belly and then follow it as it exits the body. Or focus on a favorite image for 5-20 minutes. If thoughts appear as they always do, just gently acknowledge them and then allow them to pass like clouds over a mountain.

For many for are new to meditation and find it difficult to sit still, yoga is a perfect alternative as it acts as moving meditation. A simple sun salutation series that can be found on youtube or google.

Doing these simple detox hacks on a daily basis helps keep your body and mind healthy and clear, turbocharging your efficiency and productivity so that you can continue living your digital nomad lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment.


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