Are you ready to be a remote professional?

There is something about the combination of Bali + digital nomad + remote work that is making lots of blogs fight for position on Google’s first result page. These became hot keywords and sort of a new trend among digital professionals.

However, it takes discipline to work from a different place than your usual desk. Add to that the fact you are in a new country, getting to know your surroundings and everything. But working remotely on a paradise destination doesn’t really mean sitting in a chaise lounge in front of the ocean. Most of remote workers are actually in the coworkings like Dojo, where they can seat in a comfortable and fresh place for many hours.

So it all comes to the question: are you ready to be a remote professional? Does location matter to you?

There is a massive remote working community developing worldwide. This movement is supported by companies that are creating real changes in the business scenario. Learn the processes by yourself can take some time. What if you get to learn the tricks from who’s already been there, done that?

It’s not everyday you get to hear Dribbble’s Head of Product, Sarah Kuehnle, giving her insights on how can you be remotely creative? How do you collaborate on design remotely? This is the headline of her speech at the Running Remote Conference 2018, to happen next June, in Bali, Indonesia. Sarah has been a remote designer, engineer, and product manager, before leading their remote team and is definitely the right person to share actionable strategies on how to perform location-free.

What about finding better job opportunities online? It can be a tricky marathon. But according to Sara Sutton Fell’s article on Linkedin, there are tricks and secrets to knowing how to find the best job opportunities on the online seara. Founder & CEO of FlexJobs, she will also be at the Running Remote Conference, on the 24th of June, talking about Gender Equity: how remote work can move the needle. This is not to be missed!

Being a digital nomad for almost 5 years now, I have developed an efficient strategy to work from basically anywhere. I can easily concentrate on what I am doing at the busiest hour of Dojo Coworking, in an airplane, in a busy cafe, or even in the unknown while I’m the road to the next destination.

The pressure to produce can be better managed when you are in an inspiring place and I feel like I am definitely being part of the group who is building the future.

Dojo Bali has partnered with Running Remote Conference, because we believe it’s a great event to learn how to grow and scale remote teams. Get 30% off your ticket with the code “dojobali30” here.


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