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About Kerry Clarkson-Valdivia

Kerry is Peruvian-British writer who spent the last decade as a designer, living between Europe, South America and the US. She investigates how imagination can be used to innovate new paradigms in art, design, social advances and leading creative thought. To better understand the creative forces molding our future, she experiments with a semi-nomadic lifestyle along with her 7 year-old daughter, exploring indigenous traditions of rural areas and the art of living.

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Flow – Mastering the Perfect Workday

Modern nomads are self-starters and have the initiative to either run a business or work independently. This can be a blessing or a curse… but it comes with the challenges of working with zero structure. Some days you might feel like you didn’t quite own it… a magic ingredient was missing: flow. A master workday is all down to rhythm. There’s an upward synergy where one high is topped by another. We all know this feeling, but it can feel hit or miss. Here are Kerry’s tested recommendations to upcycle your workday.

8 Countries in 2 Months – Secrets of a Full-time Traveller

Full-time traveller, vagabond and writer: While her life looks enviable and somewhat unattainable, Jade wants people to know that a nomadic lifestyle and traveling the world is a choice that anyone can take, as long as they are willing to compromise. “Don’t do it because it’s fun or a whim, do it because your sanity depends on it. An interview about the secrets of a nomadic lifestyle.


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