Dojo Day-Trip to Lembongan Island

Dojo organizes once in a while some great trips all around Bali. Great way to socialize and also know a bit more about beautiful Bali paradise. A week ago, we had the chance to share an amazing trip altogether with energetic Dojo members to the island of Nusa Lembongan.

The trip was on a Saturday, so I assumed that some people would have been tired from the famous “beach & beers” happening the night before, but that was not the case…everybody (around 30 of us) were so pumped to go! Lots of singing and chatting in the bus…and that was just the start!

Here is a review of our dream day-trip to Nusa Lembongan:


From Sanur, we took a speed boat, had a couple of drinks and got to know each other. Very chilled atmosphere.

We arrived at the first destination, which to me was the highlight of the day: Manta Point. To be honest, when I saw on the agenda that there would be a chance to see manta rays, I didn’t believe that I would be so lucky to see one. But Manta Point didn’t disappoint.

When the boat stopped, we were very excited to put on our fines and masks, and all jumped from the boat to see straight away many of them!! We got to swim with them and took lots of photos & videos, that was a truly awesome experience!


We didn’t have the chance to stop long there but this place is gorgeous and it is now definitely on my bucket list. The water is blue like a lagoon and you can actually climb the cliff (probably takes an hour or so) to have an amazing view over the ocean.


We arrived on the beautiful Lembongan island during lunch time and discovered a nice coast with crystal clear water. After a nice lunch and swim in a nice infinity pool (very refreshing!), we headed back to “the village” to rent out some scooters and drove around the island with the crazy Dojo peeps.


Nusa Lembongan has an awesome spot for cliff jumping, however you need to be a very good swimmer to jump as the waves can crush you against the rocks pretty easily (not sure if that’s always the case or if it was only on that day, but always good to know before you jump!).

Actually, some of us were super pumped to jump from the big cliff, but when we’ve seen the current and enormous waves, we stepped back and went for the smaller jumping point which was way safer and pretty fun too actually!!

The funny thing is whether you chose to jump from the big one or small one, you have to pay (around 20K IDR if I remember correctly) for a local guy to throw you a ring buoy and help you come back to the shore/cliff (when there are huge waves, you do want this buoy, trust me!).


After the cliff jump and all these “efforts”, we stopped at a nice beach club called “Le Pirate” to chill a bit. This place has a small pool perfect to relax, chat and sip cocktails in front of the beach. We really got to enjoy spending time together there.


Our way back was kind of rushed and challenging. We had such a good time that we left very late, and on top of that our group took the wrong road and we got lost for a bit.

So, at the end, we pretty much arrived an hour late at the boat and had to pay for upon arrival in Sanur… twenty minutes of walking in the dark with water up to our knees, muddy sand, sharp shells and seaweed. We definitely had a good workout (and some little wounds on the way!).

We finished the day with a well-deserved drink and a huge smile on our faces. Great memories!


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