The magic behind a cup of coffee

I think everyone will agree with me – especially the coffee lovers – that a cup of coffee can do magic in the morning. A cup of coffee gives us simply this kick of energy we really need.

Coffee is the perfect companion when we start our daily routine. Because it is so delicious, some people refuse to start their day without THEIR cup of coffee. Did you ever wonder where all of this passion and love for coffee come from?

In every part of the world, coffee is the most popular drink to be offered to guests coming over to your house. Where I’m coming from (the Indonesian Island of Flores) it is an unwritten law to keep at least a small amount of coffee in your home’s storage to have it always available for our guests. Something I’ve experienced so often in my hometown is the custom of husband offering coffee to every guest without knowing whether there is enough coffee in the kitchen. Sometimes the wife panics because she has no more coffee and has to rush to the neighbor’s house to borrow some. This has happened so many times and often becomes a joke in my family. Nevertheless, the presence of a guest in my hometown is not a burden to us, but a blessing to be grateful for. Although we do live a simple life where I’m coming from, giving a cup of coffee is a form of welcoming and respect.

Coming back to the question of why coffee has such a magical taste to it: A cup of coffee has passed thousands of hands before standing like that in front of us. There is a long series of processes before “coffee” is becoming the drink that we know; starting from coffee growers, traders, coffee makers, up to the waitress who serves us the coffee. We can only imagine how many hands it had passed and how much love has been put into it. That’s why coffee becomes so delicious to enjoy.

However, I am not writing this article to review the process of making a cup of coffee, but because I want to elaborate more on an interesting philosophy, that I have noticed, around coffee.

Great projects around the world, are the fruits of hardwork, sweat, passion and skills. They have been born from all those beautiful and skillful hands. Just like a cup of coffee, and also Dojo, which was created through beautiful and tireless hands, that has turned Dojo into this paradise for digital nomad.

Like a cup of coffee, Dojo is always welcoming new members to the community with its special recipe and flavour. I may not be a true coffee maker but my existence at the Dojo frontdesk adds this particular spice. That is how I like to describe myself in the Dojo family. I feel very grateful that I am part of this big family, called Dojo team, who tries to make a positive contribution to the development of this community every day.

When we enjoy a cup of coffee, there are so many flavors contained within. There are aromatic, fresh, sweet, and sour flavours, all mixed together in a suitable composition which gives a distinctive flavor. I realized, that in my daily work at Dojo, this formula also exists. We come from different parts of Indonesia, blended together into one solid team. Each one of us contributing to the “Dojo flavor” with his or her indispensable characteristics.

This is not a romance but rather a story of devotion that everyone gives to Dojo, which makes every person’s experience in the space distinct – brewed with love and passion.

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