Place of the Way

I am a native of Flores, a beautiful island on the East Nusa Tenggara Province. English is my second language, so be gentle with me if there are some spelling mistakes in my text.
Why I am venturing to Bali is a long and complicated story. Dreams of moving away from my village developed when I was a small boy. Listening to the story of my uncle who worked in Malaysia for several years inspired me to see the other side of the world. He used to say that I have to study hard in order to see the world.  I finished my primary school up to high school education in a small-town calls Boawae. In 2007, I moved to Maumere to continue my study and finished my Bachelor Degree in Philosophy in 2010. When I was sent to the Philippines for my studies, my dream of exploring the world became even more intense. My Mom was crying when she heard that I am leaving to the Philippines. Six years living in the Philippines have changed my mind and my personality. The long experience of living in an international community and studying in one of the best universities in the Philippines, gave me the opportunity, that not everyone with my background has, to journey on the way. I felt so blessed to get the chance to study abroad. In 2016 I left the Philippines and thought of going back to Flores but I ended up leaving towards Bali.

“In 2016 I left the Philippines and thought of going back to Flores but I ended up leaving towards Bali.”

I was thinking that having studied abroad gave me better chances to get a job but the reality was different. For more than two months I was jobless. While I was googling, hoping to find a job, Dojo struck me the most. I was reviewing Dojo’s profile on the website and I was caught by the fact that Dojo provides a community for people who are living far away from home. Honestly, back then, I didn’t have any idea what Dojo and coworking was all about. Coworking is something that is knew to my vocabulary. At one sunny afternoon I got a phone call for an interview at Dojo Bali. A lot of thoughts popped into my mind: What would happen if I would not be accepted? What might be the questions that they will ask me? Having a background as a Philosophy student, was I suitable for this position? However, after interviewing for an hour with Vici and Michael, I was accepted to be part of the Dojo family. This was one year ago. My first impression of working at Dojo were so positive that it took only a few days for me to fall in love with the kind of work that I am doing as a host. I love talking to people, exchanging ideas and experiences and as a host I get more chance to engage and interact with all the members in the community. From an intensive dialogue to a friendly conversation, I get to know a new world every day, new skills and ideas. I realize that only through openness we can explore a new world and new perspectives of looking at life.

As a host, I am not only welcoming members and new members into the community but most of all to act as a bridge between them. A coworking space provides “the way” for everyone to participate in an intensive collaboration and facilitates the need of people who are venturing into a new way of life as a nomadic person. Coworking is a new home for young and inspiring entrepreneurs who, “in their own way”, contribute to change of the world. I benefit from the interaction that I build with all the members in the community. It changes the way I look at the people and vice versa. We build friendships by sharing our culture, and the way we live our life. We share laughter like friends and embrace like brothers. It gives me more energy and enthusiasm in my work for Dojo and the community.

“The word “Dojo” is taken from a Japanese expression which means Place of the Way.”

From the name itself we can interpret that Dojo is the palace where we can learn a new skill through people who live inside of it. When we talk about “the way”, we mean to engage in a process of continuous journey towards a personal goal. When you walk into Dojo with bare feet, we are respecting the place and at the same time Dojo gives you a sense of belonging. Becoming one with “the way” that you are journeying right now.

The Founder, Michael Craig, has a brilliant idea in putting up Dojo Bali as one of the coworking space in Bali. Along the journey, Dojo has become one of the well-known coworking spaces around the globe. This happen because of the solid team behind Dojo, providing such great quality of service. Community life is one of the priorities that we create in order to bring our members together, because we believe being connected is one of our primary needs as a human being. Through our different community activities, we are connecting people in a special way through memories they never forget.

“Journeying for one year with Dojo has given an incredible impact on my life.”

As I have said, Dojo as the “Place of the way”, transformed me personally on how I look on the world and myself. I have never thought of working among such an inspiring and motivated young people who leave their home land and venture the world. We are journeying together searching for an opportunity, facing obstacles with an open mind and holding hands as a family. Dojo is “the place of the way” where I have learned how to face the world. Embracing my own identity as an Indonesian and at the same time, with an open heart and mind, accepting the differences from the outside.

Life is the way of continues journeying. It transforms me and you in such a way, weather you are realizing it or not, we are being changed. Slowly my Indonesian way of looking at things is being modified through my interactions with my fellow brother from different parts of the world. Looking back, Dojo had huge impact on my personal story. It is the place where I discovered a new way of life. Life, that is constantly changing that I have to be ready to face at any time. With Dojo, I am venturing through a new transformation of myself to become a better person so that I can give back to Dojo and the community. Dojo has been my new home, my new family, journeying and holding hands together. We may come from different nations, cultures and backgrounds but we are one in “the way”of perusing our personal story. Let us make Dojo the place where we can write our diary of life that lasts forever.


Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

Dojo Bali is a Registered Trademark and under license of PT Mintox, Indonesia
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