Filmmaker on tour

My name is Nour and I grew up in a multicultural environment, in a family of artists.

As a child, I was constantly creating things, in one way or another. I was drawing, I was acting a lot, but my favorite thing was always to play with cameras. I still have dozens of videos I created when I was younger. But as time went by, I thought I’d try a more « safe » and « stable » carrier, so I studied a lot of different things. But little did I know that I’d go back to my first love eventually.

After working as a film maker and editor for a while, in November 2016, I finally got the courage to start my own Youtube channel and create my own content. Since then, my work has changed drastically and my creativity is constantly evolving. You can see a massive difference between what I was making a year ago and what I am making today.

But that’s what I love about working is a creative field: it’s a never ending journey and I am constantly learning, not only about film making but also about myself.

During that time, I also got a lot into photography, and my heart is perpetually going back and forth between photo and video.

When I arrived in Bali and became a Dojo member, I got so inspired by the community that I decided to take my work to the next level. From scratch and with no knowledge whatsoever, I created a blog/portfolio website and an online store in just a few days. I am now selling prints of my photos and have plans to work with different entrepreneurs on video and photography content.

After a month in Canggu, I went back to Thailand for 2 months and decided to create this visual video, which is more in the spirit fo what I want to keep doing. So stay tuned for more content like this around Bali!

I’m incredibly grateful and more than excited to see what the future has in store!


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