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About Sarah Aboulhosn

Sarah is a Content strategist and Marketing copywriter. She works with brands who understand the value of content marketing, but don’t have the time to dedicate to creating the high-preforming content they deserve. Sarah offsets their marketing workloads, provides support, and creates highly-effective deliverables to meet company goals, increase leads, awareness and overall sales. If you’d like to work with her, click here to get more infos.

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Don’t let your personal brand pigeonhole you

In a time where social media rules everything around us, a lot of entrepreneurs realise the importance of maintaining a personal brand online. A common misconception that people have is that you must pick one specific niche and stick to it forever. When you have a personal brand and an audience supporting you it can be easy to let that brand consume your identity online and sometimes even stifle curiosity and growth in other areas. Instead of letting your personal brand define you, allow your brand to be defined by who you are at any given point in time. After all, people evolve, and you wouldn’t be a person if you didn’t change at some point in your life.

6 Questions That Help You Identify Your Life’s Purpose

If you’re in the digital nomad space, you’ve likely questioned your life’s purpose at one point or another. You may have even been thinking about your purpose long before you took the plunge into the remote lifestyle. There are books, podcasts, and speeches that can help but only few recognise that it’s about the balance and living a life that serves you and that you feel good about. If you’re already living a happy life, but you still feel unfulfilled, it might be because you haven’t dug deep enough into your purpose. Here is a guide to help you find your “why”.


Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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