Member in the Spotlight: Meet Andrey

Andrey was a regular member at Dojo in 2017 and worked as a product manager and developer. Now he has quit his job a few months ago with the goal to earn  $1,000 / month (recurring) by shipping products. He gave himself one year to do so: Follow his crazy journey here.

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Hi guys, my name is Andrey, I’m from Ukraine. I do product management in companies and a sole developer in another company. So I work on 2 projects, one is mine and in the other one I’m an employee.

Before Dojo I was just sitting in my house and work and didn’t understand why people spend money for some place where you need to go and do whatever you need to do. I didn’t understand this.

I came to Bali and tried to work 1 month, and after that I lost some money, I wasn’t in the best situation. I thought – what can I do? What can I learn? I learned that I can do my work better after I lost some money, because I became hungry, being in this situation.

I came to Dojo to be more productive, to not procrastinate so much, to have fun when other people are working. It feels like I should do some stuff as well, I can’t be lazy.

I just go here to have more fun, more productivity – and it works!

First is the energy of the work: you take your laptop, you put it and you have different options: If you want a chill work, you go to the first floor, if you want serious work or people that are silent, you go to the second floor in the cold room and are very focused and silent -that’s the rules. You get to do your stuff better.

Secondly, it’s a magical place where you can find such cool people. I found my current employee here, my advisor and an older brother, he taught me a lot. It was like magic, he was also from the Ukraine.

So, he taught me a lot of things, but the chance was super low that I find someone from my country that can help me with my stuff. It was magic, maybe it was David Copperfield.

A lot of people that you even can’t imagine that will be here.

Thirdly, it’s the BBQ. I love eating barbecue, and once a month I eat a lot. There is a BBQ today, we will have a lot of fun!

There are in Dojo people from different areas. If you have any question (eg. How to build a mobile app or I don’t know how to do SSM) you can always put your questions in the community or ask someone here like “Hey, I have a question, can you help?”. There is a big chance that people help you with different things. 2 days ago I needed to find a doctor, I had no idea where to find one, I posted “Hey guys, do you know a doctor? Can you help me with good doctors?” The community answered really fast.

About relationships: I made a lot of friends here, before I was quite a lonely person, now I met a lot of guys and girls who have the same mindset as me. Do some stuff, have some fun, not too spiritual, more practical people, that like to do some work.

If you come here you earn more money, as you are more productive. In 1 month of time if you are alone you do less then if you are here – not sure if that’s true for everyone, but for me – so it’s kind of an investment. If you are in a situation where you need to do some stuff which needs some commitment. When you are in a community of people that are making more money than you, this is motivating. If you see a guy that makes more money than you and is younger than you, you think “What the fuck?”, I need to do more stuff. This is fun and makes more money.

You know, you can also try It out for one day. If you have any troubles, being not sure about the people, how you feel, you can do it as I did: I came here for 1 day, it was kind of magical, I went to some kind of masterclass and received a prize over 50.000, it was a price discount. You can just try it out to understand if it is good or not. I’m sure, 95%, that you will like it.

Drink tea, cheers!


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