Member in the Spotlight: Meet Melissa

Melissa is a Social Media Consultant and owns her own agency. She is a frequent traveller and lives between Colombia, Bali and the US. Watch her story here.

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Hi I’m Melissa DiVietri and I’m from Detroit Michigan and I’m a Social Media Consultant. Corporate and Small business will hire me to put together a strategy for them to enhance visibility for them as well as finding what social media network work best for them for their products or services.

I came to Dojo Bali because it was actually the furthers place form where I was living. It took me 2 days, actually 3 days, since we have a volcano incident to get here. I just wanted to be away from the noise and just try to find something and this was the place that I thought I could do it.

You know at first I was a little nervous because when you come to a new culture, you are not familiar with how to get around, what to do, what the customs are. With the community here I was just able to put it out there when I needed, people were able to assist me, with language, with scooter, with accommodation… it was pretty amazing. Even with other things like wordpress or email marketing even SEO, if I just wanted to learn something I could just post it and meet some member and just get to know people from around the world that way.

You know, I’m an extrovert –I’m sure you can kind of tell that just from getting going with the video, I like to just go up to people and introduce myself to them and just get to know where they are from because I’m generally interested in meeting people that are from different countries. Because I like to expand my international portion of my brand. So as I get to know them, they develop this relationship that inspires me to work with them or even offer some type of guidance as much as I can. This is my second time returning to Dojo and its so much busier its so different, even Bali in general. So I feel like, every time I come back, there will always going to be these hidden gems that you get to experience.

One of my top favorite things about Dojo, would be the classes. Because I wouldn’t be able to get the expertise from these speakers without having to pay for them.

Members are giving away their services for nothing, and you are able to learn a new skill and that helps me understand the entire communications process a little more and get to know the person and deepen the relationship.

I like to go to the seminars, the events and even the social events because you are able to grasp these different personalities and languages and it’s so different, but I’m open to it. You need to be open-minded to just jump in and be optimistic.

I’d say if you are thinking about coming to Dojo or just being a digital nomad in general, the moment you take your passion and you put 100% in it, is the moment that things start to open for you. It’s good to have it as a side hustle but the moment that you focus on it there will be people in the community that will help you grow and develop.

Dojo Bali has taught me that there are unless opportunities, just hearing people starting these businesses just from where they came, the grassroots. I’m just mindblown.

So just take a chance because you have people behind you that will support you. Again, as a digital nomad you can turn your passion into a lifestyle and be able to travel as much as you want, and live that life you are dreaming of.

Be open-minded, optimistic, when you travel there will be bumps in the road, you might have to go to 4 different money machines just to get money or whatever.

There will be all kinds of random things, just know that everything happens for a reason, so you will go through these different waves if you go through different countries. But in the end, you are learning so much and your growing as a person. So stay true to yourself!


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