Member in the Spotlight: Meet Jamie

Meet Jamie, the creative and funny filmmaker from the sunny side of England

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My name is Jamie Fulbrook, I’m from the sunny south of England. I’m a filmmaker, mostly a producer.

I actually found my way here by necessity I would say. I was originally living in Ubud a few years ago, and using the cowork space down there. We found ourselves driving to Canggu around 3 times a week to surf. The reason why we were in Ubud was because we had a great cowork space and a good lifestyle, but really, we wanted to be here surfing as well.

When Dojo opened down here in Canggu fulfill that need. So, we moved down to Canggu instead and I started working out of Dojo. You get the best balance you could need, you are quite next to the best, there is good yoga, good surf, good people. So, you find the right balance.

I think one of the main benefits I have found at Dojo, and is pretty much the unique selling point, is the environment that we are in. Dojo is a very open, light and bright space, and encourages conversation and community, I think that is a very valuable element of being here.

I don’t been to any other coworking space anywhere else in the world, where there is this sense of community. There is environments and spaces here were you can plug in your computer and really focus, there is air-con rooms, these feel like much more like an office environment, or you can do the opposite of that and go in some of the areas downstairs where there are a lot of conversations, discussions and idea sharing. That really breads good quality community, and I very much value that here over pretty much anything else.

I think it’s community. It’s the collaborative environment here. It’s not a particularly a formal environment, and this is a good thing. There is a lot of skill sharing and socializing. I think a big problem for lot of coworkers around the world is a very transient network, and not really having a chance to build close relationships with people. People that have come here for a long period of time, at least a few months, that’s enough time to get under the skin with people, build community. And Dojo provides an optimal environment to do so.

I think for those who are thinking of coming to Dojo Bali, the best advice I can give you is to come as soon as possible. If you are considering a remote working lifestyle come as soon as possible. There has never been a better time in human history to be a freelancer, be an entrepreneur, be a digital nomad than now. And Dojo is providing the best space as possible to actually get the best out of these opportunities that we have right now.

The social scene in Canggu especially is fantastic. The catalyst for that in my environment at least is Dojo. I come here even outside of work hours to hang out with people, play chess, plan what we do in the evening or take a surf trip on the weekend. That’s a really unique thing here, it’s pretty much a hub for community and a social life in this area. I owe quite a lot to the Dojo Community for keeping a smile on my face.

Thumbs up, two thumbs up actually. Go Dojo!


Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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