Member in the Spotlight: Meet Andrew

Andrew owns a e-commerce shoestore. In this video he is talking about why he came to Bali, what he does, how his day at Dojo looks like and what he likes most about Dojo Coworking Space. Experience Dojo through the eyes of a digital nomad and member.

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My name is Andrew, I’m Belgium-Canadian and I own a shoe store, an e-commerce store.

Having an e-commerce store gave me the opportunity to work remotely and so I saw this huge community of people actually doing it. So, I thought, why not giving a try? So, I started travelling throughout South East Asia, as one of my first areas in the world to go and I fell into Dojo.

I heard about Dojo before, actually before I even started working on my e-commerce store. It was always the main pioneers, I wanted to come and check out what it was all about.

I’ve been to many coworking spaces and I think that everyone that is in a coworking space or that wants to be part of a coworking space, you’ll hear that a million times it’s always about community. I’ve been to so many coworking spaces, some of them are able to do it better than others. Dojo is really one of the ones that absolutely nailed it. Even if you compare it to the big ones, Dojo has all of these people that are exactly like-minded, everyone is facing very similar challenges, and since it’s in the little town of Canggu everyone is kind of in the same place in their life. It’s really cool.

If you need someone for SEO, there is someone that can help you, designer, someone can help you, there is an expert in any field and everyone wants to go forward, which is definitely unique!

Because everyone is kind of in the same spot… you know, back when I was in Montreal or back when I was doing my business in my town, where I’m from, the problem was that I was talking about my business to all of my friends. But they have 9-5 jobs, so they didn’t really know what I was talking about. So, the people I meet here do know what I’m talking about and that really made friendships that are very substantial. And that’s a lot of fun. I go surfing with them right now and we are a group of 5 that all met here and we will all meet up in Bangkok before we go home for Christmas – that is extraordinary! We will definitely meet up in the States or in Europe. That’s great. I didn’t have that in any other coworking space.

The very best thing? I’m hesitant. The fact that you are 300m from the beach, or the fact that it is really more than any other coworking space, which I said before? It’s definitely the community and the like-minded people. I know, hundred million people will probably tell you that if you ask them about Dojo Bali, usually that is because it’s actually true.

Why are you not here yet? That’s basically it. Just come! There is also plenty of people that are coming not with a 100% sure of a plan. They just have a vague idea in mind and they just want a go. If you are a Go-Getter in life, there is plenty of other Go-Getters here, that will help you get what you need.

Thanks Dojo!

Really you have to come here.


Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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