Why Your Story Matters

Do you want to present your ideas in front of the crowd but lack confidence in public speaking? Are you building an online course? Does your business require a lot of engagement with different audiences: are you seeking investment, doing international sales through your social media channels, are you doing a lot of interviews, launching or already have your own podcast, a youtube channel or working with global brands? Are you an aspiring influencer, public speaker, coach, change agent or you just love sharing your ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world?

If so, keep reading!

I came to Bali in August 2014 and had no idea how my life was going to change back then.

My last corporate (not so corporate) job was a project manager in the Organizing Committee of XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games. Before that I changed at least 10 different jobs: from an owner of a coffee shop (biggest failure in my life), lingerie store manager, regional representative for L’Oreal, art director of a night club, deputy center manager of a shopping mall, deputy director of a property management company within a big development company, managing more than 60 sqm of existing shopping malls and more than 120 sqm of the malls in the project and construction phase. I worked in a film company (I even got my team into an international film festival and we won a prize), international property management consulting company Cushman & Wakefield and ended up in the Olympics. When the project finished, my ‘Olympic family’ fell apart, and I had no idea what to do next…Now I am at Dojo Bali. I never saw myself working for one of the top 10 coworking spaces in the world managing Partnerships and Programs. I simply had no idea what coworking was. But before that…

You see, I am one of those people who bought a one-way ticket to Bali without thinking too much. I knew I’d figure something out. At the end of the day, I did an intensive course of Portuguese to be able to apply to the Olympics in Rio. So, I thought, I’d chill in Bali for a while, until their Organizing Committee would announce that there would be a position for me. It never happened. In fact, I never applied. Instead I joined Hubud, the first coworking space in Bali and discovered the whole new world of digital marketing and remote work. After one unsuccessful professional engagement as an operations manager for an Australian e-commerce company and falling flat on my face as a complete failure (after years of being the best of the best I had no idea what the fuck e-commerce was and what I had to do), I landed a job as a ‘digital producer’ for an international speaker (I met him during one of those members lunches at Hubud). I was desperate, I had no other options. My Olympic bonus vanished, because I spent it on massages, healthy food and what not, but I did not want to go back to Russia. So, I thought, ‘Fuck it, again I have no idea what to do, but I’ll figure that out later’. This is when all the fun started.

I learned how to build a brand, sell and promote a public speaker/trainer. I learned a lot of cool stuff by doing all sorts of things, from email campaigns in Infusionsoft to selling and organizing ‘Train The Trainer’ programs. And then I was sent to Singapore to represent our company at an annual convention of Asia Professional Speakers. I am very grateful for this experience. Since then I’ve worked with quite a few speakers and coaches from different countries. It was more of a passion, than just a regular work stuff.

This is how I learned that speaking/coaching/training was one of the fastest growing industries in the world and you can make as much money as you want by travelling the world and just talking to people. It also helps you get and convert leads in any business a lot faster, than doing traditional marketing, sending emails, e-books or doing facebook ads. And here is why…

As you know, we live in a fast paced world right now and the ability to communicate your ideas clearly is the key to a long-lasting success.

Today, you can talk to a global audience using largely free or inexpensive tools. We have more technology in our smartphones than CIS agents, media moguls and country leaders had altogether 20 years ago. Journalists are chasing authentic stories and change-makers every single day! Your message can be picked up instantly and shared with millions…

Each of us has the potential to build a community, a tribe and make a big change in this world.

If you know how to communicate your ideas to big audiences, you can teach and transform more people at a time. You can inspire, ignite and start a movement if you are really passionate about what you believe in. If your message and your actions are congruent, bringing a lot of value and contribution to other people’s lives – you are a winner. Your authenticity and honesty will get you anywhere you want.

Imagine you are one of those first clients of Tony Robbins, who had attended his programs back in the day, and then decided to build your own speaking business using his tools and tricks in let’s say South East Asia, as well as have strong leadership skills, charisma and are not afraid to speak in front of any audience. Also if you are a natural storyteller and have no problems talking to a camera and hosting webinars for hundreds of people – it is super-easy for you to become an influencer. If you’ve had more than 10 years of trial and error, hired Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins and Mark Filsame to consult you on how to build your informercial empire and also if you happen to have a TED talk – you are all set.

However, there’s just one little catch…

If you really have all this stuff, you, probably, are already too old, and people already got a bit tired of you… there is only one Tony Robbins at the end of the day.

But I’m sure, if you are reading this article, you don’t have that experience, and you are somewhere in between 20 and 35, so here are some good news….

No one is born camera-ready with loads of pre-written inspiring, tear-jerking stories and rehearsed TED talks in the pocket. Yes, it is very hard to become a successful speaker & storyteller without practice.


One of the lessons I have learned from working with speakers was…attention!

There are too many old, bald, white, male Americans in the coaching/speaking business and in business in general, and if you happen not to fall into this category and especially if you are a woman, you have higher chances to succeed today like never before!

If you are a guy from Europe, Latin America or Russia, don’t worry, your chances are as high as well.

I don’t have anything against people from the States. However, stories of people from other parts of the world must be heard too.

People are craving for diversity!

Now think Oprah Winfrey, Nick Vujicic, Amy Purdy, Malala. These are the pinnacles of diversity. I agree, they had one of a hell journey, but I bet you had one too!

Learning the art of storytelling & presenting is a must for every entrepreneur and everyone, who wants to live the life of passion and get people inspired by their stories and change the world.

Do you know that there are more chances for you to get a YES from a venture capitalist to fund your startup when you have a compelling and inspiring story, rather than a perfect slide deck? Ask one of our members Scott Rogers, founder of Open Fund, Australia. He has been working with startup founders helping them raise millions of dollars and he always says: ‘The only things that matter, are your passion, your drive and your story’.

However, there is no such formula to make things spread or get people to like you. If you don’t have a talent to connect with your audience in a real way – you will be easily washed away and forgotten.

Without a clear guidance and hours of practice, communicating your ideas today can be extremely overwhelming. This overwhelm leaves many of us paralyzed. In fact, months or years can go by without seeing any of the breakthrough you want and deserve. You go unnoticed, get frustrated and completely lost.


Nothing is more gut-wrenching than knowing you’re meant to do something great in this world, but you’re not able to move ahead because you don’t know how to tell your story, to inspire and move people.

But all that can change right now.

Here are a few main things you need to think about if you want to become a successful presenter or storyteller.

Start with your bio and your personal brand. Write a paragraph about yourself. A bold statement that shows your mission, your vision and values. If you are too humble and cannot come up with anything – look at the bios of people who inspire you. The most 2 important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. If you have your business and are trying to reach the audiences, you already know why you are. Make your story exciting and authentic. Look at it as if someone else is telling your story to you. Get your best friend on a phone, buy a coffee for someone who really knows and supports you and brainstorm with them. Then ask your clients, what they think of you and why they love working with you.

Manage distraction.  Find out to which question you, your project, product, service or idea is the answer? What problem do you solve? Do people really need this, or do they need something else from you that you are good at? Think deeply. Go out and explore. Don’t be afraid to reach out to strangers and ask them about their headaches and hurdles. They will tell you a lot when they find out that someone wants to talk about them.

Differentiate or Die! Riches in niches! Or tell a story not about your quality, but your differentiation Always think about what keeps your clients stay awake at night. Then turn your service or idea into a solution and pitch/present it. Everything is a remix and it is very hard to come up with an authentic message, brand or service. The secret is: it is done by you, so it is already unique. Find out how your approach is different and tell about it.

Join a local Toastmasters club. It is a very supportive crowd, where people learn how to present. Give feedback, participate, prepare your speech, rehearse, fail and try again. It will help you build confidence in any sphere of your life. From dating to public speaking.

Read out loud at least 20 minutes a day. This especially helps when your English is not your first language and you need to communicate to the English-speaking audience. Pick your favorite book and practice in front of the mirror. This really helps, believe me.

Collaborate with other {aspiring} speakers/coaches/influencers. Interview them. Get yourself invited to their podcast/youtube channel. If you have a great experience, story to share it is easier to do it in the interview format.

Talk Like TED. Read the book Talk Like Ted or watch this video of its author Carmine Gallo, where he is breaking down the most successful TED talks and explains why they went viral. Watch a lot of TED videos, attend debate clubs and speaking classes. You can also hire a voice coach. We have some people in our community, who did TED talks. Reach out to them and ask them to give few tips. Lookout for Helene Schmit from France and Ádám Molnár if you are at Dojo.

Jab, jab, jab, right hook?  This is a phrase from Gary Vee (it is actually a boxing term). Give people a lot of free, valuable content (jab). People will become your fans instantly if you start sharing something they will not be able to find or learn anywhere else (or you will be saving their time for research by recycling already existing content in most cases). And then when they become your fans, thinking: “If she/he is giving away this stuff for free then what kind of paid stuff does she/he have”? Then you offer them your one-million-dollar product/service/idea. And this is a HOOK! Well, here is another view on this: one of the authors for Dojo Blog, Nicky Cullen gives out free stuff to NO ONE. His marketing strategy is ZERO MARKETING. What he does is he has two killer websites for his businesses: one on helping people to get rid of anxiety and another one, – The Crispy Copy Shop, where you can get his copywriting services. He has a blog on Medium . What he does is share his stories and his experiences ALL THE TIME. And he gets his clients through referrals, because he is good at what he does. And he never stops learning. Simple. Shall you choose giving away heaps of free content or not? – It is up to you. Make sure there is some consistency behind your strategy.

Media. Writing a blog or getting your articles published on other websites, or having a beautiful Instagram account is always good. But why don’t you get yourself interviewed by a big TV network? You can start small with a local TV in your hometown and then contact a major network and tell them you’ve got something to say. Or better get them to contact you.  Last week two of our greatest members Zack and Benaz visited CNBC studios in Hong Kong! How cool is that? I believe, Zack and Benaz had a lot of fun there. They are celebrities now. And trust me, their stories are absolutely amazing.

Get speaking engagements anywhere you travel. The best and the easiest way – contact a coworking space and start doing your presentations there. Ask your partner/friend to record the video, so you could see yourself and improve. We have a lot of people, who started at Dojo and Hubud and now they have a 7-figure consulting businesses.

Create a killer website. Meaning simple, clean and easy to understand why you are so awesome and why people should work with you. That’s it. It can be JUST.ONE.PAGE!

Here are some examples of good websites of influencers, that will help your get more creative about your own brand. Well, they have been doing it for years, so these sites are not that simple, but there is a lot of inspiration.

My list is actually bigger, since I am passionate about speakers, but this is good for a start.

I know that while you are reading this you are probably thinking: “Is she crazy? How on earth am I going to do it all this by myself?” Well, frankly speaking this list does looks scary if you don’t have any support or guidance and you are trying to do it all at once. Do one step at a time, look at this challenge like LEGO blocks to your success, and yeah, I have got good news for you.

We are hosting a workshop on Public Speaking, Storytelling and Media Training Workshop with the kickass journalist Uptin Saiidi  and an Improv Coach Katy Irwin here in Bali in October 4-6. It is a value-packed, interactive workshop that will send your confidence and your communication skills to the stratosphere! High-level mentors, cameras and mics – everything you need to level up your public speaking skills, and it is SO.MUCH.FUN (think confetti, air horns, and unicorns)!

And last but not the least. If you happen to be at Dojo, don’t miss our monthly BBQ. This is when you get to meet our founder, Michael Craig, hear his story about why he started Dojo, what his big vision is and how he is transforming the world though supporting this amazing community he has built here. He is one of the most amazing and inspiring storytellers of all times. Australian accent and a lot of swearing always included. BUT! You can get a lot of inspiration and a great business advice from Michael. This is why Dojo keeps attracting all the legends. Because our founder is a living legend himself!

Now, it is time to tell or even shout out your story. You have a treasure within yourself that is meant to shine. Start sharing your story today!


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