Cogiving Update – July 2018

I want to share with you some progress updates on our current Cogiving projects in which Dojo members are involved, some Cogiving events and tell you about an outstanding Cogiving legend!

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

This month we were fortunate to get the support of an outstanding member at Dojo. Diandra Wardhana is an intern

from Start Me Up, who has been in Dojo for about a month now and has been a wonderful support for Bye Bye Plastic Bags in designing and illustrating their new education booklet. This booklet will be printed in the thousands and will be distributed to schools all over the Indonesian Archipelago! Woohoo! As to Diandra’s experience in Dojo Cogiving, she says:

“It has been a wonderful experience to be able to work with such an amazing group of people. The project we have been working on has purely been for the community and it is refreshing to see so many people collaborating trying to improve the world. I’m looking forward to see the outcome of this project.”

Above is a little sneak peek on the foreword of the booklet which was written by the UN Director for Environmental Program, Erik Solheim (it will be translated by a Dojo member also!):

Thank you for your contribution, Diandra. You deserve a lot of points!

Five Pillar Foundation

This week, Wira from Five Pillar Foundation was at Dojo to join the Cogiving Meetup and present the foundation’s story. It’s always inspiring to have him at Dojo and hear his passionate talk about developing the rural areas of Bali. Currently, they are partnering with Zoe Bassett, a Dojo member who is supporting them with their website redesign. Wira also received some great feedback from Dojo members on their marketing, something both Wira and Zoe appreciated very much and will further improve.


Greenbooks’ website redesign which they are doing in collaboration with some Dojo members is almost complete. Web designers, Michael Durkee and Charlie Osborne, were both super dedicated to design their new website. However, they currently need someone to help with website development, specifically in developing the navigation menu and the mobile version. So, if you are a developer who is keen to help out, please fill in the Cogiving Application Form to let us know.

Bali Water Protection Program

Bali’s groundwater reserve is actually depleting at an alarming speed! Pak Komang from the Bali Water Protection Program was at Dojo this month to give a talk about their simple solution in tackling Bali’s looming water crisis. The program is dedicated to apply recharging wells in areas where groundwater reserves are critically dry. So that rainwater can go back into the reserves and don’t get discharged into the sea. Their biggest challenge is to get enough funding to build wells in critical areas in Bali. If you would like to donate and ensure Bali’s freshwater security for the future, you may do so via Paypal.

Coming up next month

Our Cogiving trip this month will be a Balinese Culture Excursion with Five Pillar Foundation. We will learn about the Balinese culture by interacting with local villagers, observing their daily routines, and participating in making traditional foods and arts!  The knowledgeable guides of Five Pillar Foundation will lead the tour. All of the profit from the excursion will go to the Penarungan Village Community and Five Pillar Foundation.



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