Member in the Spotlight: Meet Charlo,

Charlo is a long-term member at Dojo and an essential part of the community. He is the founder and project lead of, a Paris based studio with a distributed team. He designs and builds websites, webapps, and makes web-documentaries aimed at discovering people and places. He is a seasonned designer and fullstack developer (Javascript, WordPress) and also a former external lecturer at ESSEC Business school.

He love discovering new places and working remotely. Explore in the video below why he choose Bali as his homebase and why he loves Dojo so much.

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I’m Charles-Louis, I’m from France. What I used to stay, is that I shape stones. But what I actually do is a webdesign and development studio, which is based in Paris. For the moment I enjoy life here in Canggu, Bali.

I came to Dojo Bali out of curiosity and also because I was working on a web documentary on digital nomads, remote workers and the future of work. So I came here out of curiosity, as I was saying, and I got hooked, so I stayed

Do we have time for that?

I will try to enumerate.

So in a nutshell, a great place to work, a great place to learn, a great place to grow. All of these 3 elements, are tied up to the people. What you find here is, you got the ocean, you got the weather, you got incredibly good food, you got a nightlife, and on top of that you have amazing people from all around the world, who you can exchange with and learn so much. I think, if I can sum up the most important relationships I got there, they developed quite fast and intense. You can really build interesting relationships quite quickly. You can meet someone at breakfast and then spend one hour and a half talking about deep life subjects, without even knowing each other’s first names. I just experienced that yesterday morning for instance. This is for the kind of relationships you can have on a daily basis. In addition you will have deep friendships, that can arouse out of the people you can meet here.

I haven’t experienced so many business relationships, from a regular point of view. I’m not selling anything to anyone. Some people have been very helping though. The business relationships here for me are more about sharing, exchanging and also trying to build a common project for the future. This is not really happening at the moment, but looking forward and trying to find ways to collaborate building projects together in the next months.

The very best thing? Temperature of the water *smiling. That’s cool. The very best thing? Dojo Bali, it’s so hard to sum up, it’s such a great place, the very best thing are the people. With no doubt – the people. It’s a great place, but yeah – the people!

I would be tempted to say, don’t. Because we are so many already, but please do! Buy a ticket, take a deep breath and jump on the plane. It’s a life changing experience and just do it if you feel like doing it!

I feel really grateful at the moment, and part of what I feel is due to the experience I got there, the people there and Dojo Bali. So Thanks Dojo Bali!

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