Member in the Spotlight: Meet Giulia

Giulia is Italian and works as a Social Media Manager for a jewellery brand. Get a sneak peak into her life as a digital nomad and why she choose Dojo Bali as her hub.



My name is Giulia and I come from Italy. It has been more than a year for living and working in Bali and I work for a company that does jewelry and I work as a social media manager for them.

I came here because I saw a post on GuGuide about it and I was curious about it. I was looking for a place that can give me something, some professional work place, a place where I can develop my skills, I can learn something more, because in Bali it’s very rare to find a place like this. Or someone that does what I’m doing.

Since the beginning, I remember I stepped in, I was amazed! Very nice, good looking and the vibe was already very good. What I found, were many workshops for free, where I can learn a lot about what I’m doing, I can talk with other people that are doing the same thing that I’m doing and professional one. Managed by professional teacher, so this changed completely my way of working and every time even though I come here after work I’m never tired, I’m even more excited to work the day.

Even more excited to start something new.

So that changed completely my view of my work, now I know what I’m doing. So, changed a bit of my life as well!

This is the great thing of here, you work and meet new people from all over the world. They stay one week, or one month, I love this kind of thing as well. Building new relationships, is such a great thing here. You have everything here, you have good food, you have good drinks, good people to talk with, you can work as well and the level is professional. For me that is what’s different to other places. So, I’m very thankful!

Just hang out here, why not? What I would say is why not? You will not lose anything, you will definitely gain for sure something from Dojo. You will learn a lot from here. I like this place because in a way it’s also very Bali, it’s like in Bali you have one place where you can meet up with people there is no difference of ages, nationality, there is no boundaries, there is no limit. You can be yourself, as a professional, as a worker and you can have fun at the same time. So, it’s very cool.

Thank you Dojo Bali, you changed a lot of my life!

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