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Paige Leacey is a freelance writer and content creator living between Bali and Australia (dreadful, she knows). Paige enjoys musing over culture, food, travel and medicine, and is currently curating a podcast called Permission to Record. She earns most of her beer money through her copy writing brand ‘Squawk’ as well as editing audio freelance. When Paige isn’t hustling, she can usually be found watching Embarrassing Bodies on YouTube, plucking her eyebrows to perfection or making sure the numbers in her bank account fall on even digits. You can check out more of her words and sounds at:

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Creating Your Own Demand as a Digital Nomad

When you skip across the great big blue in pursuit of that sweet-freedom-filed-laptop-lifestyle, it can be easy to get cozy with the “freedom” part and lapse on the “laptop” part. All of a sudden there is no company newsletter alerting you to new trends; no boss dishing out the industry skinny before you’ve had your first caffeine dose; no executive admin booking you discounted motels for this quarters conference. And damn, that feels nice. But to be a successful roving freelancer, you have to stay tapped into the market and what it demands somehow.

Reality Check Ins For Entrepreneurs

There is little more liberating than being able to call all the shots in your professional life. Running your own ship, making your own calls and curating your own calendar are just some of the glowing benefits of being a freelancer or entrepreneur. But with no one to hold you accountable when your productivity seems to wane, it can be a slippery slop to the shores of ‘slacking off’. And we’ve all been there…

The Art of Landing a Job Without Being Needy

When it comes to contract jobs, you’re getting booked not only for the skills you offer but because the client likes the way you operate. You’re getting booked because you ask the right amount of questions without being needy, because you are self-sufficient without being presumptuous, and because you are interested without being invasive. Learning these parameters and how to manipulate them is the key to success.


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