Check-in to Dojo Coliving for the ultimate Coworking experience

Hands up if you loved to watch Sesame Street growing up.

Stick up your hand! Everbody loves Sesame Street. How could you not?

Sesame Street was no ordinary street. It was a community. And not just any community—it had Bert, Ernie, and the one and only, motherfucking Big Bird at the heart of it. Dojo’s got Haren.

And let’s not forget Miss Piggy… who according to Google was actually a Muppet! Crap.

Dojo is no ordinary coworking space. One might think Dojo and Sesame Street have nothing in common, but I would argue to the contrary because they’re both built on the premise of community and equally committed to improving the communities around them.

And now Dojo has its very own Sesame Street. Well, kinda…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dojo Coliving in Canggu, Bali. 

Do you find the process of getting set-up in a new country and having to find your feet exhausting? Or a hassle you could do without?

Worry no more. Dojo Coliving is Sesame Street on crack for the digital nomad—with The Muppets thrown in for good measure. And it’s now officially open and accepting applications for bookings.

Do you want to eliminate as many decisions as possible from your day so you can focus all your energy on your business, and that which is important to you?

Do you crave convenience?

Together with Dojo Coworking, Dojo Coliving Bali fuses to offer the ultimate digital nomad experience.

As you know, the life of a digital nomad can be exhausting—especially when you land in a new country and have to figure stuff out like transport, accommodation, rentals, workspace, dining, etc.

As with everything, there is an initiation period. It can take weeks or even months to settle into a new home—and that’s time most of us can’t afford, and a whole lot of stress most of us want to avoid.

Do you find searching for suitable accommodation with working Internet to be a drag?

Are you tired of posting questions in Facebook groups and being overwhelmed with answers based on others ideologies?

Do you want to slip straight into an open community of like-minded people where you’re free to focus your energy on that which matters most to you?

If so, you’re in luck. Dojo Coliving removes all the stress of acclimatization while drastically speeding up your initiation period to Dojo, Canggu, and Bali.

When you check-in to Dojo Coliving in Canggu, you can look forward to;

  • Airport pick-up
  • An official welcome to Dojo Coworking and Canggu with our staff and other members
  • A registered sim card ready for you upon arrival (Did you know all SIM cards have to be registered by the Government in Indonesia? This can take days to get sorted—even if you know what you’re doing. We’ll have it all done for you before you arrive)
  • Full membership at Dojo Coworking (located just three minutes from Dojo Coliving)
  • Your own private room with access to all the amenities of Dojo Coliving
  • The same high-speed internet enjoyed at Dojo Coworking
  • Surf lessons
  • Yoga classes
  • Instant access to a community of like-minded people

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The concept of coliving was introduced in Denmark in 1970 and has been growing in popularity in recent years. Built on the premise of community — and Sesame Street — coliving has proven to improve people’s standard of living and overall happiness.

In a world claiming to be more connected than ever through technology and social media, it’s becoming more and more evident the crew responsible for the Oxford Dictionary need to reconsider the definition for the word, “connection.”

With loneliness now recognized as a huge contributing factor to mental illness, it doesn’t take a genius to look under the hood and see that “online connection” is a major facilitator in creating a world that appears more disconnected than ever.

At least from that which matters. I’m thinking friends, loved ones and like-minded people—with a pulse!

And Dojo, my friends, I’m happy to report has a pulse.

At Dojo, we are privileged to be part of, and experience the benefits of an incredible community which continues to grow both on and offline. Before anything else, Dojo is a community, and Dojo Coliving is a natural evolution of Dojo Coworking.

Consider it coliving with a twist. You don’t have to wash the dishes, clean your room or cook the meals. All your needs are taken care of so you can channel your energy into doing that which matters most to you.

No splitting of chores—you merely have to come in with an open mind and be willing to contribute to this incredible community. Sound good? Great.


A purpose-driven digital nomad or entrepreneur who values a healthy work-life balance and loves to connect with like-minded individuals. Emphasis on the word balance. Dojo is great if you want to work 24/7 but the coliving experience is about cultivating community and getting to know one another—both socially and professionally.

Are you excited at the prospect of slipping into a vibrant community of digital nomads committed to growth while supporting one another to live out each other’s dreams?

If so, you won’t just fit in at Dojo—you’ll absolutely love it here.


Located just three minutes from Dojo coworking and Echo beach, our extremely comfortable guesthouse offers ten different accommodation options. From small cozy rooms to larger wooden traditional style bungalows with private balconies.

Set in a traditional Balinese village, the guesthouse boasts a full western kitchen, king size luxury beds, private bathrooms, chill out areas, tropical gardens, lush lawn areas for sunbathing and a cool pool to take a dip in and soak up some sunshine while laying on one of the floaties.

What more could you ask for?

Chat about business and life with your fellow co-workers around the communal table, play games, chill out in a hammock by the pool, recharge in your private dwelling, or get out and explore all the surrounding nature and beauty that is Bali.

You can learn more about what a typical day in Dojo and Canggu might look like for you by clicking here.

Dojo Coliving aims to make your stay as convenient as possible, so you can focus on all that’s important to you while having an incredible experience that will ensure you won’t want to leave.

If you value a lifestyle that promotes openness, sharing, and collaboration, you’ll find everything you need and more at Dojo.

Our rooms book out fast, so be sure to apply way in advance. And if you book before 31st of August you can expect 20% OFF as our opening promotion. What more can you ask for? Click below to enquire.

20% Discount – Opening PROMO!

To celebrate the opening of the Dojo Bali Coliving Space book any room for anytime in next 2 years, before the end of August 2018 and get a 20% discount off the individual and couple Coliving & Coworking softlanding package, that easy!  

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Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

Dojo Bali is a Registered Trademark and under license of PT Mintox, Indonesia
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