Dojo’s Townhall Meeting – Recap

The annual Town Hall meeting took place in the Grand Hall Tuesday evening with many of the community coming together to learn, contribute and share their insights and ideas.

Michael kicked things off giving us a brief history of Dojo which he brought to life through pictures and stories. My personal favorite was the story of Tom the cat misbehaving at the last BBQ when he decided to take a dump from above leaving Wayan and Michael in disbelief as they slowly watched it make its way through a mini assault course before finally dropping from the roof and landing amongst the blazing sausages. If you were the lucky member to have received this crispy treat, please make yourself known at the front desk to claim your prize!

Following that revelation, things moved along to the more serious matters at hand with a few big announcements and questions put to the community to help plan out the future of Dojo.

Dojo Cogiving

The cogiving is going strong with 50 members currently involved in outreach programs—a number we would like to see grow in the coming months as your skills have the potential to transform so much of the problems we see in Bali.

The Dojo Impactathon will be taking place 23rd March where some of our coder members will be spending 72hrs creating an app for MPH which will have the ability to change the face of waste in Bali & Indonesia.

We will be increasing our communication around cogiving in the coming months on how you can get involved, contribute and make a difference. In the meantime, if you would like to know more, you can always reach out to Yudis who will be happy to sit down and explain to you the different projects and how you could potentially get involved.

Dojo Coliving

The coliving space is finally ready to open its doors on the 31st March. Located just 3 minutes from Dojo by scooter, the coliving space contains many ensuite rooms, workspace, pool, etc. with Dojo Internet available throughout. The colivinig will be targeted to those coming to Bali for the first time. Minimum stay will be a week with discounts available for monthly stays, and packages include everything from airport pickup, scooter rental, accommodation, unlimited Dojo membership, sim card, surf & yoga Lessons etc.

Watch this space for a full rundown and introduction to Dojo Coliving.

Dojo Village

The most exciting announcement of the night was the development of Dojo Village which sounds like Disneyland for entrepreneurs and digital nomads alike. Think Dojo on crack with everything you could possibly need in one huge resort.

For now, the location is top secret. So, what can you expect? A village for independent creative professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, designers, and software developers.

Dojo village will be an all-inclusive space to live, work, and play in complete tranquility surrounded by paddy fields and the ocean with a private beach and two surf breaks. There will be a yoga studio, arts and crafts studios, wellness spa, pools, accommodation, workspace, etc.

After the announcements, which you will be hearing more about in the coming weeks, we got down to the nitty-gritty of the survey results and how as a community, we can come together to make Dojo better and more accommodating for all.

Overall, the community is perceived as the soul of Dojo. Some of the main issues raised from the survey were noise, comfort, integration with some of the longer members etc. which were all addressed as a community coming together to find solutions through exercises.

Finally, Michael asked for a raise of hands on more pressing concerns to improve the space and community as a whole. You can expect to see many changes and upgrades in the coing weeks and months.

There was also a focus on improving Dojo both as a business, from a cogiving standpoint, and from the customer and community experience with many great ideas shared.

The beauty of this evening was that it highlighted all that encompasses community. Everything was shared and discussed as a community and all solutions were born from the community. Dojo’s community is thriving, and this was on full display Tuesday night where, essentially, the customers rallied together to bring the changes they would like to see come to fruition in the future.

You can expect to see more detailed posts on the different outcomes across the main areas discussed and what you can expect for the future in Dojo over the coming weeks.

Overall, it was a great evening. Thanks to all who participated and have a great Nyepi.


Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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