Love Week

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day for lovers—it should be an entire WEEK where everybody gets to experience a lil’ love and appreciation. After all, love and appreciation lead to happiness. And happiness is known to boost productivity.

Science has found there is a profound connection between productivity and happiness. At Dojo, we are committed to the community and facilitating connections in as many ways possible. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce LOVE WEEK is coming to Dojo.

LOVE WEEK is built on an initiative by the founder of MindValley, Vishen Lakhiani, with the premise being that everyone is a giver and receiver. It’s NOT what you’re thinking!! We want to celebrate Love Week and build on the amazing community we have created at Dojo.

It’s not only fun, but it will provide you an opportunity to get to know and connect with fellow co-workers you might not have connected with while increasing the strength of the community.

The idea of LOVE WEEK has always fascinated me and this is the reason why I introduced the concept to the previous company I worked for, as part of our team building & well-being at work efforts. The results were incredibly interesting: unexpected connections, people wearing their best smiles walking in the office every day for a week, genuinely being social and friendly, feeling that they belonged and consequently being more productive. As a Dojo member and big believer in the power of community I wanted to bring this social experiment to the Dojo coworking space and create the same feeling.


Love Week will take place during Valentine’s week, from Monday, Feb 12th – Friday, 16th. The concept is similar to Secret Santa with participants being assigned a Secret Angel.

To join, you simply register at the front desk before 12 pm Fri 9th of February. All participants will be notified of their Secret Human at 5 pm, Fri 9th via email. You can match with a boy or girl. It doesn’t matter—the focus is on connection and friendships. And you simply have to perform an act of kindness for your secret human.

The act itself is an opportunity for you to get creative. Here are a few suggestions to help you out: some flowers, a lovely note on their laptop, 30mins of sharing your skills or mentoring, an invitation to a coconut on the beach, a morning cappuccino from our Dojo Café and so forth. Possibilities are infinite–we are counting on your creativity to make it as fun as possible! Please note that the best attentions are not necessarily the ones you spend a million of rupiahs on.

Come register at our front desk before the 9th of February. Use the hashtags #SpreadLoveWeek and #DojoLoveWeek when sharing on your social feeds.

Watch Shawn Anchor’s TED Talk for more insights here.


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