Are you afraid of silence? A note on Nyepi Day

When Nyepi (Hindu’s Silence Day) is coming, many people are asking what they should do on that day? Where they shall go for Nyepi?  If the internet is working? All those questions are being asked simply because we are afraid to face a silent day, without internet, electricity and talking. Nyepi is a Hindu celebration where people shouldn’t engage in any activities and where all lights should be switched off for 24 hours. Similar to other religion, it is a day of fasting and praying.

There is a simple question that keeps swirling around my mind; why should I be afraid of experiencing this beautiful time of silence. I know that many people feel pressured because of the demands of work or business that force them to be connected with social media or the internet at all times.

My short note on Nyepi is a personal reflection on the importance of taking a moment of silence. Nyepi is a very special time where we can momentarily let go of all everyday burdens and routines. Nyepi is not only celebrated by Balinese people  but everyone who stays on this land of a thousand gods. Nyepi is a special time for a moment of silence and reflection on ourselves and our lives. There is no reason not be part of this special day because when we come to Bali, we are indeed welcomed to this special Balinese culture. On Nyepi we are invited to enjoy this sacred moment with them.

Taking a moment in silence on this island is the most beautiful thing. Earth, nature and humans seem to be united in a deep solitude. Here, I can listen to the harmony of the universe. This is because we can only listen clearly when in silence. Here I can hear the universe singing with a beautiful melody that flows into the pores of my body. When we are busy with everyday routines, there are many things distracting us. All our energy and mind are carried away by the demands of our private life and work situation so that we forget to listen within ourselves.

For me personally, Nyepi became the most special moment in my life. Here I can take the time to stop for a moment from all the activities that take away my focus and attention. Nyepi becomes a sacred moment where I can collect pieces of my life that may be left behind while I am busy with my daily tasks and activities. 24 hours is a special opportunity for recollection. Seeing all the positive and negative aspects of my life. This is the time when I can refill the energy I’ve spent for a year.

Am I afraid of solitude? Yes, honestly I am afraid of silence because I need to face myself. There are no other options except taking or leaving it. Here I must prove my attitude, which makes me an adult.

Staring at the sky full of stars at the end of the day, tells me that I am not alone. There is a thousand stars accompanying me. I am very grateful to this island that has given me time to experience this beautiful moment. A moment of recollection where I can reconnect the broken lines in my life story, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the harmony within it. At this moment I can really listen to myself and the nature. I surely belief that we are part of each other.

In this silence I can knit back the pieces of my life that have been broken. It is also a time of self-introspection; how far have I come to befriend with myself, with others and nature. I realize by doing this I am slowly able to build the harmony within myself. I am no longer an accuser of all the chaos in my life but more a watcher, a mediator. I learned that I will always need to hold myself accountable for what is happening. In this way, gradually I cultivate the quality of my life in my work and my relationship with others.

I believe when I can be friends with myself, than I can be a good friend to others and the universe. Here I will grow as a mature and responsible person. It makes me more humble because life will be beautiful when we appreciate harmony.

The question of whether am I afraid of silence is no longer a negative preposition but a new psychological awareness that I must confront myself with in any situation without fear. I must not look for a place to escape from the fear of facing the reality of life any longer, but become self-aware and accountable for my own life

In solitude of Nyepi I was invited to explore the meaning of my life and what positive contributions I give to others. I realized that perfection belongs only to the omnipotent but by working hard I can show that I can do something useful for myself, and the people around me. Hopefully this reflection can bring a blessing for all of us. Happy Silence Day 2018.


Photo Credit: Crosroadz

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