Member in the Spotlight: Meet Ionut

Ionut is an inbound marketing specialist, highly motivated overachiever, life-long learner of all things public relations and social media, and dedicated volunteer. He has professional experience for more than 9 years in Inbound Marketing working at international level (Germany, Belgium, Romania) for B2B and B2C clients.
Apart from this, one of his major interests is developing Digital Marketing campaigns. Watch his story here.

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My name is Ionut, I’m an Inbound Marketing consultant, and I’m originally from Rumania.

Several reasons, one is the location, it’s super easy to come here, so the location in Canggu is fantastic; the fast internet that Dojo is providing; the community, I think it’s the strongest benefit that Dojo is offering; like-minded people; diversity of skills and the fact that Dojo is organizing a lot of events that can help you develop your skills and also to learn new skills.

There are two major benefits for me: At the moment, it’s the community. Every time when I’m having a problem with my projects or I was searching for a question regarding a thing that I wanted to learn, every time I could go to a member in the community and I would find an answer asap.

Also, the second benefit for me, are the events. Dojo is organizing a lot of events, where I’m learning new skills, I learn new ways to develop and to apply them in my business.

I’m going to repeat more and more, but I think that the number 1 benefit is the community, the synergy between the people, the fact that we are from anywhere in the world. So, you have an amazing opportunity to learn about new cultures, new business ideas, to find answers to your questions or problems in your business. That is the top, top benefit for me.

That you are going to find a fantastic place to learn new things, you are going to have fast Internet which is super difficult to find here in Bali, and you are going to find a place that you can learn more about yourself and also to develop new skills.

Come to Dojo Bali, it’s the best coworking space, in my opinion, in Bali. It’s the right place for you and your business!

Dojo Bali

Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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