Cogiving Update – May 2018

It is the beginning of the month and it’s time for a Cogiving Update! It has been a good month in Cogiving this May. We got a lot of new members contributing to our partner charities, success achieved for members who have contributed and a couple of cool Cogiving events went on. Here is a breakdown on all that’s happened in May.

Five Pillar Foundation

Several products produced by the local entrepreneurs in rural West Bali is now on sale in Bali Direct online food store thanks to the work of two Dojo members, Caroline and Anna, who contributed their valuable time and effort to connect Five Pillar Foundation with organic food retailers in Bali and make sure the products are ready to be sold in these stores. They worked on this since the beginning of the year, after they were awe-inspired by the youth of Five Pillar Foundation and the entrepreneurs they support. It also could not have been done of course if it wasn’t for the cooperation of Five Pillar foundation and Bali Direct.

The products that are on sale are the 600ml Sudamala Virgin Coconut Oil, 1L Sudamala Virgin Coconut Oil and Crispy Mushroom Snacks. One interesting fact about the Virgin Coconut Oil is that it is produced by a lady by the name of Ibu Sukma, who was told by a Balinese shaman that her true calling in life is involves everything to do with coconuts. She now produces virgin coconut oil based on the moon cycle, she only harvests the coconut 1 week after the full moon in a sacred day the Balinese calls Kajeng Kliwon. She believes this gives the user more than just physical benefits, but also spiritual benefits. Strange I know, but her business is currently doing well and will probably do even better now that her product is exposed even more in the market 🙂

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

The Bye Bye Plastic Bags team are working on their second educational booklet which they are planning to launch soon. We connected them with an Indonesian graphic designer through the help of StartMeUP founder, Clare Harrison. They are now working together to work on the illustrations and design of the booklet.


Green-books are working on restructuring and rebranding their organization, and are receiving much support from some awesome Dojo members. These members who are giving are working on the website, SEO and social media of the organisation. Greenbooks are shifting their focus not only on books but on environmental education as a whole, so this includes educational activities and sustainable facilities that they are donating to their eco-centres all over Indonesia, such as water filters. Petr also spoke at the Cogiving Meetup in May to spread awareness among members about Greenbooks, what they do and the support they need.

Stella’s Child

Several members in Dojo are also mentoring for the youth of Stella’s Child. One of these mentors is Beverly, who did a one hour session with the youth, mentoring them about Global Affairs and Citizenship. Beverly certainly enjoyed the time she spent with the youth, saying that “An hour went by much faster than I expected when the kids are this engaged!”. Adding also:

“I’ve been looking around for a sustainable way to be of service to Bali and am delighted to discover Stella’s Child. Tim, Aryo and Yudis’ have a wonderful program that I feel fills a real need within the local Balinese community. Matching mentors with small groups of ambitious and high potential disadvantaged Balinese youth to expand their horizons so that they realize their true worth, dream bigger and achieve their full potential”

West Bali Adventure

The Cogiving Trip this month was the West Bali Adventure with Five Pillar Foundation. A participant from the trip, Helena, wrote this blog based on her amazing experience on this trip. Check it out to know what it’s all about!

Cogiving Youtube Channel

Cogiving has a new section in Dojo’s Youtube channel which features interviews with the founders of the charities we work with. We already posted video interviews with Melati and Isabel, the founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Wira, the founder of Five Pillar Foundation.


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