How yoga helps you become a more successful digital nomad

You might wonder how does Yoga have an impact on Digital Nomads? Well, upon reading fellow Dojo writer-Nicky Cullen’s on-point article on the “Struggles of digital nomad”, it made me realize that Yoga helps me immensely with these three pitfalls. Luckily for us, Canggu is blessed with an excellent Yoga scene. (You can read my first article “A quick and dirty guide to downward dog in Canggu” for a rundown on the top studios near Dojo). Hopefully it can help you too.


Yoga classes are a good way to stay away from the nonstop excesses of island life. A cocktail at the Lawn or a couple of beers will set you back about the cost of one class (140,000IDR or 10usd). That will keep you healthy and happy for 70-90 minutes, help to tune your appetite and make you more conscious about your eating and drinking patterns. Over time, out goes the excess bintangs and cakes, in comes more veggies, plain water and fruits. Plus the classes have helped keep me away from the excess late nights or unnecessary trips to the shopping and spa strip.

The whole lifestyle of yoga also advocates simplicity and non-attachment. So over time you realize that happiness and fulfillment come from within and the need to consume material goods and entertainment slowly reduces to make way for a more simple and contented life. Usually it is also a much less expensive way to live provided you don’t get sucked into the kombucha-sipping and smoothie bowl instagram wellness lifestyle! (Pro Tip: Making them at home would be far more inexpensive.)


Yoga is a lifestyle and that being said, one of the biggest perks of a regular yoga practice is that you find your “tribe” or community. The yoga community is also one that is more aware, health-conscious and supportive than the regular since the key tenets of Yoga teaches us to be less judgmental and more kind to ourselves and others.

Many yogis are also nomadic by nature so they understand the struggles of being constantly on the road and in-flux. Eating well, meditating and having a spiritual practice like yoga are all very grounding. It helps immensely to have people around you to motivate you to stay constant even as your environment is always changing. And this brings us to the last but not least important reason yoga helps you become a more successful digital nomad.


When you live in paradise with the warm ocean waves and palm trees steps away and friends around the world constantly visiting, it takes an extra fat dose of discipline to stick to the grind every day. I find that my ashtanga practice 6x a week which sets my alarm at 630am sets the tone every. single. day.

By 830am, my body is tuned up and ready for the day and my mind is clear and sharp. That sense of accomplishment set first thing in the morning translates into a solid structure and clearer focus for the rest of the day. This “small win” keeps you in a positive spiral of good decisions (with food and movement) and disciplined living.  Essentials to make your digital nomad lifestyle sustainable for life.


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