From Hackathon to Impactathon

The first Dojo Hackathon was launched last year based on the initiative of Britnee Bond and her energetic support to help build a bridge between its members and the social impact projects that are part of the cogiving initiative. One of the main aims was to create a framework for sustained positive impact in the community that allows coworking spaces to easily get behind and support.

Aftermovie – Part 1

Shot and edited by Johnny Wayan 


A collaborative Effort

It was an altogether collaborative effort from all involved. The Dojo Hackathon saw 97 people from all around the globe give up their entire weekend to share their skills and come up with solutions to help social initiatives better serve their local communities.

It all kicked off as a social hackathon with 97 people and 13 different ideas which were further driven down to seven ideas for seven different teams to work on. The teams then got together and essentially brainstormed for 24 hours to come up with viable solutions to social problems here in Bali before presenting them to the audience.

Not only was it a fun opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate for all involved—it displayed just how much of a positive impact a community can have when they come together with a common goal. The efforts by the teams and the quality of the work, ideas, and presentations delivered in such a short period of time was second to none.

The founders of some of Bali’s most promising and exciting social impact projects such as MPH (Merah, Putih, Hijau) and Stella’s Child were in attendance and blown away both by the quality, skill level, and resources that can be tapped into at Dojo and coworking spaces at large, as well as the generosity of all members who participated and gave everything to come up with solutions to some of their toughest obstacles.

Overall, the weekend was long and exhausting yet energizing and inspiring to be a part of. For all involved, it was an incredible success that saw everybody come together to mingle, eat, and drink at the end to celebrate a job well done.

Aftermovie – Part 2

Shot and edited by Johnny Wayan 

The winners

The first prize went to Nomad Pool who came up with the idea of connecting all stakeholders of social projects to an automated database which operates as a go-between connecting to the coworking spaces as a means of sourcing those who wish to lend some of their time and skills to make a positive impact in the communities.

For their efforts, they each won an unlimited monthly Dojo membership and 1 million rupiahs to spend in the cafe.

The Impactathon

Following on from last years Hackathon is this year’s Impactathon. This is a project that has spanned four months involving the finest app developers, designers, and strategists from the Dojo Community.

It will all culminate this Impactathon weekend where we will see roughly 10 programmers from the Dojo Community come together to work non-stop for 72 hours to build a web app for Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) that will simplify operations of their waste management facility in Pererenan before expanding into other villages throughout Bali.

This app will be used to report the daily waste intakes of their waste management facilities, track the separation of the waste, track their finances and show the data of their performance to the local community. The MPH team believes that it has the potential to pave the way for a full implementation of community-based waste management on the island.

Following Impactathon, at 6 PM, Monday 26 March we will hold a Demo Night at Dojo so the community can come to see version 1.0 of the app in action.

Be sure to come by and show your support as it promises to be a great evening of celebration while displaying the impact of collaboration. You can find more details on the event here.


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