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Why authenticity should always be your number one goal (really!)

Okay, I admit, we’ve all heard about the topic authenticity a lot lately. But have you ever really thought about what it actually means for you and your personal brand and how it can affect your success? Did you think it’s a very complicated topic and it’s not worth spending time on such a trendy expression? Or did you even try to implement authenticity in your business but somehow failed? Then the following insights and tips might be interesting for you!

Recognize how powerful authenticity is and why it should always be your number one goal

When you build your personal brand based on your real core values and beliefs, you’ll not only see results in your success, but also be able to build a strong and powerful brand. You’ll be able to increase trust and loyalty, your customers will recognize that and they will automatically start to be more interested and even to engage more with you. If you want to, it will then get easily for you to build a community too. Because while being transparent and honest with your audience and while sharing your beliefs and values, they might be encouraged and feel inspired to share their stories and experiences as well. Also, they will identify themselves with your values and increase your brand awareness with their online engagement or by doing mouth-to-mouth advertising.

Therefore, it should be your goal to always be honest and to add feelings to your brand. These feelings you should always try to transmit to the customers directly and moreover transfer to each of your marketing activities and to your content creation. Also, you should show them that you are “where they are”, that you are on the same level and that you understand them.

You should furthermore be aware of the fact that not everyone will agree with your values and with your vision and mission, but that’s totally fine and that’s also way better than trying to “please” everyone. While standing up for your brand’s values you show real authenticity, if you instead try to just please the majority without being specific, people will recognize that and all of your efforts will be wasted.

So here’s a few key points and benefits when following your new number one goal successfully:

When you set authenticity as your main goal for your personal brand, your mission and vision will get clear easily, you will see your brand as a more purposeful one and you will moreover see a much bigger value behind it. You will never ever have the problem again of not knowing what to share, what content to create or how to react to certain circumstances, because you share your story and speak about your true values. You will also feel your brand and you will be able to transmit your feelings with much more joy in your content.

In other words: when you are able to be authentic, you are in alignment with your brand – The brand is you and you are your brand!

My advice if you’re just starting out with your personal brand or want to change/improve it, ask yourself those questions and write the answers down in a short handbook or document, so that you can look at it every time again you need to make some decisions, to create some content or to set some new goals. This should always be your basis and guideline:

-What are my core values?
-What main values are against my beliefs?
-What is my vision? What my mission?
-Which added value do I want to be able to deliver?
-What makes my brand outstanding?

So, finally, just give it a try, strengthen your brand and share your real values in order to save your success for the long-term and to build a powerful, strong and inspirational personal brand. Embrace your strengths and also have the courage to show weaknesses confidently, so that you can be and represent the most authentic version of yourself.

All the best and good luck!

(If you need any help with that, have any uncertainties or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!)


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